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Image Mapper allows quick and easy image maps creation for web sites
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Image Mapper is an application that may be useful for web designers. It allows quick and easy image maps creation for web sites. You can load any picture, mark special areas on it and assign links to them. When you click on such a marked area, a web page with the defined URL will be opened.

The program has a very intuitive interface. First of all, to draw a map you should load a picture. The utility supports images in JPEG and GIF formats. For creating maps you can use three shape drawing tools: rectangles, circles and polygons. To define URL for any shape move the mouse cursor over it and press mouse button for opening URL defining dialog. Besides, assigning URL address you can define the pop-up text displayed by the browser when you move the mouse cursor over the area.

When the map creation is finished, the result can be exported in HTML format or just saved with .SIMP extension for further editing. The application includes a great help file with detailed instructions. It has tiny size and low system requirements. Image Mapper can really help in web sites creation.

Ilya Barmenkov
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